Saturday, March 3, 2012

Elite TV News’ Political Analyst Interviews Presidential Candidate

Dr. Clyde Rivers and Presidential Candidate Wiley S. Drake
Exclusive News

Wiley Drake declared his candidacy for President of the United States in February 2012. Wiley Drake, running on an Independent Party ticket, has very strong views on how America should be run.

Dr. Clyde Rivers, Political Analyst for Elite TV News said, “Presidential Candidate, Wiley Drake, is a strong Born-Again Christian. His primary objective, if he were to win the Presidency of United States, is to bring America back to one nation under God. He stated several times in an interview with us that, ‘We need to get back to the original foundation of this nation which is the principles of Christian faith.’ Presidential Candidate Drake’s political platform is ‘From Welfare to Church-Fare.’ Church-Fare is a concept that reflects the role of the church to connect with all levels of a community to help solve the problems of the people of that community.”

Political Analyst Rivers went on to say, “Church-Fare is the church becoming the agent of change for the community. An example of this is reflected in the history of this Presidential Candidate. Wiley Drake has pastored a church for 24 years and has created a model of ‘Church-Fare.’ His church has developed a homeless shelter, food give-away, clothing store, Christian counseling and job training. His strong philosophy is, ‘if a man doesn’t’ work, a man doesn’t eat.’ Church-Fare, in my opinion gives struggling people a hand up not a hand out. Drake has organized and maintains one of the most amazing facilities I have ever seen. Church-Fare will change the world.”