Saturday, January 19, 2013

The First Lady of Burundi Stands above the Crowd.

H.E. First Lady Denise Nkurunziza

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As you see the First Lady of a country looking to truly establish the young mothers of the nation, to be mother for their families. This is the beginning of the building of a strong nation. This is the aim of the First Lady of Burundi
Denise Bucumi Nkurunziza. When you look at putting family first and have that as the foundation. You will see a great nation emerge.

The heart of the First Lady of Burundi is to establish a nation built on the principles of God. That is why the work being done by her Buntu Foundation is really to help the young mothers with skills for a sustainable future and the moral education of honestly in all you do. This will lead Burundi to a bright future.

We must look to new models of nation building like the one of Burundi. When you put Christ first you can change any nation. The miracle of peace and development in the Republic of Burundi is amazing in the short period of time, says Prof. Clyde Rivers. The Republic of Burundi is the new model nation in the world. If you want to see positive in a nation. Come and visit the country of Burundi as a model nation.

President Nkurunziza Leading a New Way

The President and First Lady Nkurunziza
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The President of the Republic of Burundi leads his country in a new way. It is truly amazing to see the development and unity in Burundi in such a short period of time. People can say what they want about this nation, but the thing they
have to agree upon is the transformation that has taken place in the country. When you look and see the people of the country building their own nation every Saturday morning and you can see the effect with your own eyes. It is truly a
nation being transformed by the people within.

In order to have transformation in any nation you must have buy in from the people of the nation. Prof. Clyde Rivers; said "The most important element to change a nation is human resources unified”. In the Republic of Burundi that is what I see. One of the most amazing transformations I have ever seen in my life." Looking at this country with fresh eyes one would have to say only God could bring this kind of transformation.

Every year in the Republic of Burundi the President does two crusades where he and the people of Burundi thank the Lord Jesus for blessing and protecting the people of the country. It is great to see a President teaching his people how to be grateful for the good things in their country.

As I travel the world says "Prof. Rivers the one thing I see different about Burundi is the leadership is teaching the people how to thank the creator for all he has blessed them with. A thankful heart is the key to transformation.
Keep leading the new way Mr. President. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Prof. Clyde Rivers Appointed Goodwill Ambassador of the Golden Rule

Dr. Clyde Rivers and Dr. Mussie Hailu

Exclusive News

Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative has appointed Professor Clyde Rive, Ph.D.
as the Goodwill Ambassador of the Golden Rule.

Speaking at the appointment ceremony in Nairobi, Kenya on December 22, 2012
H.E. Ambassador Mussie Hailu, Board Chairman of Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative and Regional
Director of United Religions Initiative for Africa and Representative of URI to the United
Nations Economic Commission for Africa said: “Professor Clyde Rivers is appointed as Goodwill
Ambassador of the Golden Rule in recognition of his tireless effort in promoting people to understanding, friendship and partnership for common good and building trust and a peaceful co-existence among followers of different religions and culture”.

Ambassador Hailu added that; "Dr. Clyde Rivers has traveled extensively around the world to preach and teach leaders the power of God, education, and the need of ethics and moral education in the school systems of the world. He currently serves as the International Commissioner for Latin University of Theology as an International Commissioner and minister. Dr. Rivers has had the privilege of conferring
four African Presidents, two First Ladies, and one Vice President with Honorary Doctorate
Degrees, for their strong faith in God, moral values, and exemplary humanitarian work.
He currently works with several African Presidents, including those of Uganda, Burundi, Ivory
Coast, and Kenya, to bring aid programs that will help to empower their nations. Some of his
former projects have included building hospital wings, bringing medical supplies, and providing
roofs for schools. Furthermore, Dr. Rivers serves as the Vice President of the nonprofit
organization named Community Mentorship Connection, bringing mentorship to troubled youth and support to families.
After receiving the certificate of appointment, the Golden Rule Medal and poster Prof. Rivers
said; "It is a great honor for me to be appointed as Goodwill Ambassador of the Golden Rule. I would like to thank Ambassador Mussie Hailu and Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative for the honor they have
bestowed upon me. The Golden Rule is indeed the one great law that binds all humanity, and
religions, cultures, and races. It is high time to promote the teaching of the Golden Rule in the
school systems to build trust, human rights, respect and inter-religious harmony and peace. I will
work day and night along with IPI and all other stakeholders to promote the teaching of the Golden
Rule. I am also very happy to learn about the establishment of The Golden Rule International and
looking forward to working in close partnership".

Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative is a peace building organization based in Addis Ababa,
Ethiopia and it is affiliated with United Nations through the Department of Public Information of
the United Nations. It is also a member organization of United Religions Initiative.
The purpose of IPI is to promote interfaith cooperation, inter-religious and inter-cultural
Harmony, and to build a culture of peace and trust through the teaching of the Golden Rule which
says: "Treat others the way you want to be treated".
IPI strongly supports the aim of the United Nations, African Union, United Nations Economic
Commission for Africa, United Nations Environmental Program and Regional Economic
Communities. IPI is committed to implement the resolutions passed through the United Nations
General Assembly on issues like World Interfaith Harmony Week, International Day of Peace,
Alliance of Civilizations and all other resolutions which help to enhance a culture of peace,
inter-religious and inter-cultural harmony.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Congressional Prayer Conference of Washington D.C. to Attend Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast

Wiley S. Drake and Dr. Clyde Rivers

Exclusive News

0n January 21, 2013 the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast will be held at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel. The Congressional Prayer Conference of Washington D.C.; Will be in attendance with a special invitation given to
Amb. Clyde Rivers, the Ambassador at Large for the Republic of Burundi. He is also the Co-chairman of the Congressional Prayer Conference of Washington D.C. with the Chairman Wiley S. Drake.

This breakfast will consist of Congressmen, Senators, Ambassadors, and Diplomats to pray for our nation.  President Obama has been invited to this event. The Keynote address will be given by Michele Bachmann the representative in congress from Minnesota. It’s time to pray America Forward. Let’s be the change we want the
world to see.