Saturday, January 19, 2013

President Nkurunziza Leading a New Way

The President and First Lady Nkurunziza
Exclusive News

The President of the Republic of Burundi leads his country in a new way. It is truly amazing to see the development and unity in Burundi in such a short period of time. People can say what they want about this nation, but the thing they
have to agree upon is the transformation that has taken place in the country. When you look and see the people of the country building their own nation every Saturday morning and you can see the effect with your own eyes. It is truly a
nation being transformed by the people within.

In order to have transformation in any nation you must have buy in from the people of the nation. Prof. Clyde Rivers; said "The most important element to change a nation is human resources unified”. In the Republic of Burundi that is what I see. One of the most amazing transformations I have ever seen in my life." Looking at this country with fresh eyes one would have to say only God could bring this kind of transformation.

Every year in the Republic of Burundi the President does two crusades where he and the people of Burundi thank the Lord Jesus for blessing and protecting the people of the country. It is great to see a President teaching his people how to be grateful for the good things in their country.

As I travel the world says "Prof. Rivers the one thing I see different about Burundi is the leadership is teaching the people how to thank the creator for all he has blessed them with. A thankful heart is the key to transformation.
Keep leading the new way Mr. President. 

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