Saturday, March 2, 2013

Latin University of Theology Honors George H. Bush Sr. Campaign Manager

Dr. Clyde Rivers and Dr. Ruth Mizell

Exclusive News

Ruth Mizell was the campaign manager for George Herbert Bush Sr. as he ran against Ronald Reagan and then became the Vice President for the Reagan Administration. Ruth Mizell is truly a Christian states person. She has worked on Capitol Hill for over thirty years. Praying and furthering the causes of Jesus Christ on the Hill.

Prof. Clyde Rivers "said she is one of the greatest women of God in the World. You can always tell a great person in Christ Prof. Rivers said, they are humble and kind. Ruth Mizell has been a true hero for Christ on Capitol Hill. Prof. Clyde Rivers said it is an honor For Latin University of Theology to have the privilege of Honoring Ruth Mizell.

The international delegation of Latin University of Theology was on Capitol Hill Feb 26, 2013 to bring this Honorary Doctorate of Divinity for her service to Jesus Christ for over 30 yrs. Ruth Mizell is 90 yrs. old and still serving God.