Monday, January 13, 2014

Ambassador Clyde Rivers Teaches Burundi Government Kingdom Leadership

Exclusive News
First Lady of Burundi Denise Nkurunziza on right with Ambassador Clyde Rivers pictured left

Ambassador Rivers taught the Cabinet of the Burundi government the importance of understanding their position. He stated God gave them their positions and that they had a responsibility to God with how they serve their nation.
Ambassador Rivers told the government, “God wants His Kingdom to come to the Earth and that they were responsible to bring His Kingdom to Burundi.” Then Ambassador Rivers prophesied, “Burundi will make history in 2014. This small nation will become a great nation because they obey the Kingdom of God.” He went on to prophesy, “Burundi is called by His Name and there will be a spirit of Elijah that will take them higher as they prophetically see the destiny of their nation.” The leaders of Burundi, “Received this word with joy,” said Ambassador Rivers.

To close, Ambassador Rivers did an alter call for the government leaders, offering them the opportunity to receive their citizenship in the Kingdom of God.

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