Saturday, July 26, 2014


Ambassador Mussie Hailu

Ambassador Mussie Hailu, one of the world’s top philanthropists, is the first recipient of the iChange Nations Person of the Year Award. The award was presented by Professor Clyde River, President of iChange Nations, at the Gerald R. Ford Library and Museum during the Golden Rule Award ceremony.

The mission of iChange Nations™ is to bring back the lost art of honor by building a culture that recognizes individuals throughout the world, those who have accomplished extraordinary humanitarian efforts to effectively change nations. iChange Nations™, with its collaborative partners, have implemented an International Honorary Award infrastructure. This infrastructure empowers and equips our citizens and alumni members with the tools needed to effectively pursue and transform the world.

Professor Rivers commented, “I have watched the work of Ambassador Hailu as one of the worlds top peace activists for several years. He is responsible for bringing unity and peace to several nations of the world. He is the Founder of the peace organization Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative (IPI) that has worked actively since 2003 to promote an interfaith culture of peace. Ambassador Hailu established the Golden Rule International Award, as well as, the initiative of the Golden Rule International Award Day. We have now reached over 130 nations of the world with the message of the Golden Rule –  ‘treat others as you want to be treated’. ”

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