Thursday, August 28, 2014


Ambassador Harrypersad Maharaj with Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers

The Golden Rule International Award is now established in 120 nations of the world. This organization seeks out top achievers that live the Golden Rule in their everyday life. This is a new global ethic that the leadership of the Golden Rule International Award, Patron, former President of Ethiopia, Girma Wolde and Ambassador Mussie Hailu has embraced and is promoting globally. Golden Rule International is also affiliated with the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative (IPI), African Union, the United Nations as well as the United Religions Initiative (URI).

We at the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiatives (IPI) Golden Rule International Awards Presentation, at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum, are extremely honored to gather top humanitarians from all over the world. In 120 nations we are in the process of establishing April 5th as the Golden Rule Day International. This is a day in which there is no violence in the name of religion or culture in the world. We are pursuing this as a Resolution at the United Nations.

It gives me great honor to present Harrypersad Maharaj, the President of the Inter-Religious Organization of Trinidad and Tobago. This is the only country I have ever been to that has harmony among their religions and cultures. Harrypersad Maharaj has been a champion voice for peace within Trinidad and Tobago. His great leadership is now being recognized globally.

As well as the presentation of the Golden Rule International Award, the President and Founder of iChange Nations, Ambassador Clyde Rivers surprised Harrypersad Maharaj with the iChange Nations Global Leadership Award, for his work to unify the different cultures in Trinidad and Tobago and around the world. Ambassador Clyde Rivers said of Harrypersad Maharaj, “He will be known in the nations of the world as a man of peace. This will be his legacy to mankind.” Two of the past recipients of this award are, the President of the Taino Nation, Robert Mukaro and the President of the Cherokee Indian Nation, Bill Baker. These are two of many great men and women recipients. To see unity and diversity celebrated at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library is a great day for the world. President Ford was a man that believed in unity and diversity so it is not by chance that we are at this Presidential Museum presenting these honors to our great global leaders.

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