Sunday, December 20, 2015


Amb Dr. Clyde Rivers, Dr. Melida Harris-Barrow and Dr. Brian Williams
Dr. Melida Harris-Barrow was honored on Capitol Hill in Washington DC on November 2015. World Peace Ambassador Dr. Melida Harris-Barrow was given the Girma Wolde Giorgis Environmental Protection Award. She is recognized as a Humanitarian Conservationist Solutionist for her contribution to mankind to empower and recognize greatness in others. Among her accomplishments are the Awards, Golden Rule International World Peace Ambassador and IChange Nations™ Women Add Value.  At the event on Capital Hill she launched her Love Truth Peace Campaign. At the heart of all she ventures into, Love Truth and Peace motivate her to empower individuals as well as instill the importance of leadership and environmental economic development. She also works to empower youth and encourage a spirit of entrepreneurism, creating Young Ambassadors in her wake. She is Founder and CEO of Panama World Trade and Investment Foundation. Now she is among a very select group of recipients of the prestigious Girma Wolde Giorgis Environmental Protection Award with the title of, “Humanitarian Conservationist Solutionist.” Dr. Clyde Rivers, Founder and President of IChange Nations™, Co-authored this award with the Former President of Ethiopia, Girma Wolde Giorgis.

Ambassador Clyde Rivers says, “Dr. Melida is a women of vision and passion for everything she puts her efforts into. As the President of IChange Nations™ I can say we are honored to present Dr. Ambassador Melida Harris-Barrow with this award and name her a, “Humanitarian Conservationist Solutionist.” This award honors those that bring together help and hope to the world and we recognize Dr. Melida for her hard work.”

Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers is the Founder and President of iChange Nations and the Human Rights Global Congress. IChange Nations is a professional institution that equips, mentors and trains highly esteemed individuals who have the desire to change nations throughout the world. The Human Rights Global Congress has been established by iChange Nations to bring global awareness by strategically helping nations to educate, train and support the Nation Building Process designed to improve the dignity and betterment of human life. This international platform focuses on establishing effective relationships to help people understand the value of life and basic human rights. 

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