Monday, September 12, 2011


President and First Lady, of Republic of Burundi
Praying over Burundi with government Leaders

Exclusive News

This is a historic day in Burundi. The President and First Lady are leading prayer with the government leaders of the nation, asking God to bless their country.

The Republic of Burundi has seen many great days since H.E. Pierre Nkurunziza has taken office. By the power of the Name of Jesus Christ, this country has been unified – the hearts of the Burundian people are becoming one.

There is an authentic unity and a joy in the atmosphere of this nation. The leadership is seeing the power of unity within their nation.

Honorary Ambassador at large for Burundi, Clyde Rivers, PhD says, “To watch a government ask the Lord Jesus Christ to bless their nation is truly historic. To watch the hand of Jesus move in this nation to build in the natural realm, as well as in the hearts of Burundians, is such a miracle. We give the glory to God as we watch Him build and bless Burundi.”

This is the New Burundi!

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