Thursday, October 4, 2012

State of Florida Recognizes Prof. Clyde Rivers and Dr. Manuel Tigerino

Dr. Manuel Tigerino & Prof. Clyde Rivers
Florida State House of Representatives has recognized Prof. Clyde Rivers of Latin University of Theology and Ambassador at Large for the Republic of Burundi, along with, the Founder of Latin University of Theology, Dr. Manuel Tigerino. This recognition comes do to their exemplary work in bringing humanitarian work and education to Florida and many nations of the world.
This is an important day for Latin University of Theology Founder, Dr. Tigerino and Prof. Clyde Rivers. Rivers said, “Our vision at Latin University of Theology is to bring biblical education to church leaders and Christians around the world. We would like to thank Congresswoman Daphne Campbell, for honoring us with this recognition from the State of Florida. Thank you for your support and trust in Latin University of Theology.“

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